Herr Hildebrand

The replacement Frau Gray.
Dang hes such a frau gray.
by anonymous February 2, 2005
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Anyone who disagrees with you on Facebook
He said I was wrong about my comment on facebook he must be a Nazi
by Awesomeviralvideo.com February 15, 2017
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Short for national socialist, a nazi is anyone who follows nazism. The core philosophy of the ideology is the division and conservation of nations, races, and cultures, through authoritarian force.
Conservative Nationalist: “Nazis are socialist! Leftists are the real nazi’s!”

Normal Person: “Yeah, and the democratic republic of North Korea is a democracy.”
by isaiah9:02 January 28, 2021
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A NAZI is a true and respected Jew Slayer, who had his highest killstreak during WW2.
Hitler: You are such a NAZI!

Juden Slayer: Thank you! :)
by Xx JewSlayer69 xX January 15, 2020
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An acronym for National Socialist; from the German NAtionale soZIalist.
Refers to members of the National Socialist party, or anything to do with the National Socialist party.
"The Nazis" is much easier than saying "The National Socialist Party" in essays about 1930's Germany.
by Dave March 12, 2005
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A beautiful girl with gorgeous eyes & rare personality!
Hot, sexy & spontaneous. Attracts men wherever she goes.
Easy to fall in love with. Funny, kind & awesome. Smart & outgoing, Strong & independent. Wouldn't get bullied or let any one bully her friends.
Stay true to those gorgeous eyes & rare personality & she will reflect heaven on earth, but betray her or lie to her and she will show you what a badass is.
Damn! what a beauty, she is a Nazy.

Be careful not to play with that woman, she becomes a real Nazy & will kick your ass like Chuck Norris.
by Paullexi April 9, 2014
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Someone who disagrees with your opinion
I can't believe you think men and women have empirical biological differences, you are a nazi!
by TheJoares August 27, 2017
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