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n. One who accepts and assoiciates themselves with ska music and/or genre.
Two ruddies danced the night away to Catch 22.
by _Jeff_ August 15, 2005
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Rudie is a unique and beautiful unisex name. Rudie is a lovely person to be around and people can’t get enough of him/ her. Rudies are usually blessed with beautiful features and a breath taking smile. Find you a Rudie .
“Have you seen Rudie?”
“No i’ve been looking for her all day I miss her cute smile
by Princess ShyShy November 30, 2017
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Someone who wears tracksuit/trousers bottoms low and wears new era hats, possibly with their hoods up.
Constantly distrupts classes, kind of like a wasteman.
Cant seem to shut up, when in a group sounds like a pack of monkeys.
''look at these rudies....''
''Why do rudies sit at the back of the bus?''
by Jun ki January 11, 2008
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AKA "Rude Boy" or "Rude Awakening."

A practical joke where one person ejaculates into their hand and slaps it across the face of another sleeping person, waking them up.
"Matt gave me a rudie when we shared that brothel room in New York and it was the most unpleasant way to wake from my dream."
by radioactivedoc July 22, 2008
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