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1. A response to when someone asks how something is supposed to be done.
2. Doing something of great difficulty flawlessly.
3. Performing a near impossible task.
Guy: Hey dude how am i supposed to go take a shit when i have this blanket over me?
Friend: You gotta skill it bro.

Guy: Dude I can't believe you got out of being grounded!
Friend: Yeah I skilled it.
by Arex245 February 26, 2011
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~ Doing something in your own reckless & imperfect way.

~ Acting in a way others think is impossible and would never do.
~ Another way of saying fuck it, I'm gonna do it my way.
"Pass the pot & let me skill it"

"Skill it, I'm doing it my way"

Friend 1: "I really hate classes are so pointless!"
Friend 2: "Skill it! don't go back! Just do your own thing."
by mianoco April 30, 2013
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A great rap / rock group out of Petaluma. Active in the nineties

Recordings of their shows and tracks are extremely rare, one must normally contact a friend of the band to get any material.
"The skillit concert was DARK!"
by PaulGeranium August 15, 2008
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To show your mastery or "skill" at something.
Hey Ray Ray, skill it bro.
Its gonna be a tough game, but I'm gonna just put some pure skill it on it.
by Bagpipes Malin December 08, 2007
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