_a person who does something behind the scenes that tries to go unnoticed
_a fake friend or toy friend
_a funny doodle of a backstabber
_a loser with no dignity
"Have you seen John lately? No, he is a sketch."
by MissSunkist10 November 05, 2013
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comes from the word "sketchy"
commonly used in terms as an adj, originated in California

and is soon to be used nationwide.

it is used to describe an intensely scandalous situation or something outrageously unbelievable.
boy: Heidi and Spencer Pratt weren't at the Hills series finale!
girl: OMG shut up?! that's so sketch

example 2

girl1: I wasn't invited to my best friend's party of the year!
girl2: eeee that's so sketch
by whoelsebetch July 13, 2010
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a word used in reference to a boy who is acting like a fool usually after a physical connection has taken place. this boy also jumps to conclusions and thinks he's a badass
girl 1: why arent you talking to him
girl 2: he wont even look at me
girl 1: he's fucking sketch f'real
by lORE_&_BRi December 25, 2008
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1)a place you dont want to go when doing something illegal because our ass is going to get caught

2)something you say after you almost get caught or see somone get caught. its like saying that was close
1)no we cant go over to Ani's house! that bitch is sketch!

2)Did you see you see Bobby get popped! SKETCH!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Kyla b August 22, 2007
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an abnormally tall person, dog, or monster who thinks that another person (who is NOT sketch at all) is sketch.

when in reality, the sketchiest person AT THE TABLE is them.
I cant believe Emily M would call Justin a sketch, when she's totally the sketch one here.
by babababa March 03, 2008
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used jokingly, to call a friend that says that they will show for something (ie: a party, the fair, the movies, etc.) and then "has something to do" at the last moment...or just doesn't show up.
person 1: why didnt john go to the lake with us the other day?
person 2: he "had to go shopping with the family" at the last minute.
person 1: dude what a sketch!!!
by brian61 December 17, 2007
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