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The 'skers are gonna roll up whoever want it in the Orange Bowl!
by natedoggydogg October 04, 2003
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,professional racker, qualified in the art of getting up,hated by five-o as much as he hates them.
SKer is a main founder of the HROW.
A firm based in doonside.
commonly found hitting up
does not like lads
and doesn't dress lad
wtf's a SKER.

were's skizzer at homie?

he's over there by the bust.

by mikaele July 29, 2007
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When weed is bad, you say skère weed.
If a girl is ugly or has not tits, it's a skère girl.
"Look at that girl with her flatchest, skère chick"
by Skerboy July 10, 2008
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