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"Man, I can't seem to understand this girl I'm dating. It's like she won't trust me."

"She's got a ton of skelts or something."
by erikshmerik July 22, 2009
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1.A skirt that is so short that it is more like a belt than a skirt.
2.Skelting. To do with the usage of skelts, and clothing that is revealing and skanky.
1.Did you see that skelt that girl was wearing? What a whore!
2.Dude, she's totally skelting it today, look at that outfit.
by Chucky Cheese November 04, 2005
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a degenerate, a loser, often times found in dirty grimy clothes, not well groomed, ratty hair and a general unkept appearance,often times involved in illeagle activities and many times drug
related; all crystal-meth users are skelts.
Look at the degenerate skelt over there smoking crack and listening to Nine Inch Nails.
by Rachel Sleeter June 24, 2005
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This is when one cannot distinguish wether a girl is wearing a skirt or a belt. The skelt is the current fashion in girls.
damn, is sarah wearing a skirt or a belt???? i cant tell its so short! oh, dont worry, she's wearing a skelt!
by Greg Dark May 28, 2007
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