the act of skeeting while cheefing, ejaculating while smoking a lot of marijuana.
That guy can win a skeefing contest.
by huffypuff69 June 8, 2013
To steal or take something that does not belong to you.

"I didn't have a seat so I skeefed one"

by F-Bomb February 16, 2003
Skeefing is when you get hit in the balls so hard you lie on the ground and scream/breathe, skeef
Man1: “ dude did you see John get skeefed today?
Man2: “ no but is he okay?”
by Gonefortea March 3, 2021
woman you wouldn't mind doing.
could be filth or goodlooking
*group of drunken girls stumble out of night club*
group of rowdy lads accross street shout skeef
by patch1111 November 20, 2006
female acquaintance, bootycall, female for whom little respect is given
I was boning this skief the other day . . .
by jb May 22, 2003
To discreetly steel from a nigga with the intention of being a bad bitch.
Kayla skeefed Austin from Erin and plans to play the fuck out of him.
The girls skeefed from the store and did not get caught by 12.
by Whit & EJ December 22, 2018
to come into ownership of an item without previously asking the permission of the former owner
There's no way I lost my cell phone. Someone must have skeefed it.
by Jetttster December 18, 2006