25 definitions by Dutch

A person who is very good at playin cards; like poker, blackjack, etc. Many times they hustle you.
Yo, that mofucker over there is one bad card shark, dude.
by Dutch July 11, 2003
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The superior way to spell "dude."
J: Yo dood did you do the math homework?
Steve: Hell no.
by Dutch May 3, 2003
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A horrific excuse for a band. Comprised of a bunch of fagmos, and a cool drummer. Please feel free to hack their website, www.hdsq.tk
I saw HDSQ perform last night, they sucked so hard I vomited. Then I cleaned up the vomit with a vacuum, put it on reverse, and sprayed the vomit all over them.
by Dutch May 3, 2003
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A bastardization by Winnie the Pooh meaning "elephants and weasels." See Snoop D-O-double jizzle's version: fo' shizzle my nizzle
Winnie had just dropped his third tab of acid when he started to see hephalumps and woozles.
by Dutch May 2, 2003
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Smart person that can figure out which horse will win a race.
That guy Dutch is a major handicapper. He makes dough like no one's business.
by Dutch May 4, 2003
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A word coined by yours truly. Was meant to become a sign I would hold at a pro-war rally. Switch the I and F and the result is "FUCK IRAQ."
Your IUCK FRAQ sign is bitchin', man.
by Dutch May 4, 2003
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An asshole/idiot/fucktard/stupid ass, etc.
Ignoramus, stop touching that little boy!
by Dutch May 4, 2003
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