something that happens thats so embarassing it makes you want to show all your friends naked baby photos of yourself just to make them stop talking about what you did.
i just scored a ming grot with 3 inch long nose hair-SHAMER!
by pippy April 28, 2004
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"Why do you always shame me?"

"Because i'm the shamer of the shamed."
by Boxox May 3, 2023
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A public e-mail sent out to the entire company detailing in explicit fashion an embarassing or lack of skill that is directed at one specific individual. Also can involve the lack of attention to detail, such as the taking the last Diet Coke from the fridge and not replacing the cold one with warm ones from the cabinet.
Dave received a shamer today for not not refilling the ice trays.
by Noah June 15, 2006
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Shamere is a very intelligent girl. She gets along with everyone. She’s always focused on her school work and everyone wants to be her friend. She also very generous.
I wish I had a friend like Shamere.
by Shamere June 4, 2019
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To be both shitfaced and hammered during a long exposure to alcohol.
I was completely Shamered at the party last night
by Meston February 20, 2009
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Named 4 East Cleveland,Ohio a city/suburb outside of Cleveland and extension of Cleveland East side Ghetto.Shamere is created in combinaton Shaw & Windermere.Shaw is the name of the High School of East Cleveland & Windermere named for a RTA Rapid Station in East Cleveland which is known as Louis Stokes Station at Windermere.Henceforth Shamere.
Is you rolling up to Shamere no,But Tomorrow I will.
by Stormy216 September 17, 2013
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A Truely Shameful Framerate
Damn dude, your pc's suffering from a big shamerate, it's taking ages to load this page.
by Psyxe April 25, 2006
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