Someone who cheats, takes shortcuts, or "skates" their way through something. Typically used in the greek college community.
That girl did not work hard for her letters, she is a skater!
by LittleMissy January 26, 2013
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A person who skates... simple as..
No one should be judged, no one should think that you are a townie or a skater. Why should a person have tunnel vision in what they wear?? Why dont you wear what you thinks looks good?.. long story-short, do what you want
by Joe Morris January 28, 2004
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at first not that bad, i had a few skater friends who were pretty cool. about 1/4 of the skaters are still loyal to just liking the sport for what it is and how good thtey were, and not being like everyone else. Its just when you get the stupid asshole tight pants boys who think they're all that just because they have a $60 C1RCA jacket, and an $80 pair of KR3W pants. I actually didn't mind these guys until they all started being stuck up and thinking they were better than everyone else. all the skater friends I have are completely normal, regular jeans, cheap t-shirts, and maybe a good pair of skating shoes. but that is it. I found out that they were actually better at boarding then the stupid elite guys who thought they were good, calling everybody "posers" and shit. I think that people who skateboard are cool guys, its just the stupid wannabe assholes that give every skater a bad reputation for being a stupid bitch and a bad guy. I DONT MIND PEOPLE WHO ARE GOOD AT SKATEBOARDING. JUST THE STUPID DUMB SHITS WHO THINK THAT IF YOU WEAR VANS, YOU ARE THE BIGGEST POSER EVER. GET A FUCKING LIFE. ITS JUST SHOES, NOT THE FUCKING APPOCALYPSE.
tight pants skater boy: DOOD were did u get those vans there fuckin sweet.
non-bitch kid wearing cool vans just because he likes them:the vans store at the mall, where else.
tight pants skater boy: i was just fucking with you. those are so gay and retarded. if you dont even skate, you shouldnt even have the right to go inside that store, FUCKING POSER. besides, vans suck, C1RCA is the shit. (all his faggot friends laugh with him)
non-bitch kids friend whos good at skating but doesnt show it: (goes up to tight pants boy and beats the fucking shit out of him, all the others fleeing, and coming back to school never wearing tight pants again. then the non bitch kid gets lots of compliments on his shoes by everybody.)
by FUCK ALL FAG SKATERS January 08, 2008
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A skater is a person that is in to skating or BMX but not all skaters do, skater is a rough definition for someone who likes a weaker version of rock and metal music. Skaters normally wear baggy jeans and baggy shirts normally wearing caps and beaked beanies. Skaters are not really the most voilent group of people but wont stand for peoples comments and will stick up for one another, skaters are not normally very muscluar but are normally in pretty good shape at running and fighting. Skaters and Goths, who normally get mixed up by alot of people, do get on pretty well. Skaters are the main enemies of the townies and sometimes chavs.
Skaters are normally very laided back mainly looking for a laugh and can get mixed up with stoners.
Conversation between the Skaters and Townies

Townie: Oi dickhead piss off
Skater: Owww big man
Townie: Say that again kick your fucking head in

at the end of this either there is a fight but normally chavs and townies these days are complete whimps and only fight when in groups.
by Ryan C. (Skater) August 31, 2007
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ppeople who skates and love it. they do it for the fun of it, and some people think their all druggies and stuff like that, but their probably skating so much that they dont have enough time to do weed and crap like that. but thats not all skaters, only really dedicated ones. lots of people like to skate and do it as a hobbie, not to be mistaken with a poser, or a beginner
skater: hey lets go skate
hobbie skater: i cant i gotta do homework
skater: ok how bout you
beginnerskater:ummmm ok but can u help me with my nollie, im just starting out
skater: ya totally how bout you too?
poser skater: you guys acturally ride these things?
by rachel mcmahon July 19, 2006
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"skater" or "skateboarder"

A person who is foot mounted on a board of some type with zero-four wheels. Usually without any motor. (Manually propelled vehicle.) Skateboarders usually do not have a single fashion, and their clothing style is borrowed from other sub-cultures. (i.e. Punk-Skaters, Prep-Skaters, Homie-Skaters, etc.) Derived from the "surfer", "stoner" and "metal-head" sub-cultures. Sadly some ignorant people still affiliate skaters with stoners. Skaters are typically athletic and usually do not use drugs.
The term is actually difficult to define due to the fact of the large diversity in the sub-culture. Basically anybody how uses any type of skateboard for any reason. (yes posers exist, but they exist for every sub-culture, I'm sure that there are "Thug" posers also.) Skateboarders do not listen to one specific type of music. No strict fashion exists except for the people who try to look dedicated/sponsered, or are actually sponsered by wearing name-brand skateboarding clothing (such as a company's t-shirt, hat, or shoes.) Any person can be a skater: african, european, asian, mexican, female, male, elderly, youngsters, poor, rich, etc.

Skateboarders are people who participate in a sport/art, not a fashion trend.
To find some skaters: grab a skateboarding magazine, or a skateboarding movie, or hell, even go to your local skatepark or skateshop.
by Steven Hanaway November 21, 2005
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One who rides a skateboard. Amount of skill is arguable, although generally being able rough out a 90 turn qualifies you. Being a skater has nothing to do with fashion, taste in music, sexual preference, manner of speaking or any of that. If you skate, you're a skater. If you dress skate, but can't, you're a poser. If you don't dress skate and don't skate, hell, you might just be normal.
Wow, check out that hot skater! Why is he wearing Adidas?
by El Gordo December 06, 2004
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