An insult accompanied by flipping the middle finger, meaning "go fuck yourself." Origin - bastardization of the name of a popular toy first introduced in the 1970s called the Sit'N Spin. The Sit'N Spin consists of a turn table with a pole in the middle topped by a smaller disk. A small child can then sit cross-legged around the pole and use the small disk at the top of the pole to propel spinning motion. Hence the name, a cutesy derivation of "sit and spin." Substitute the middle finger for the pole and the leap to the "go fuck yourself" conclusion should be fairly obvious.

The expression "sit on it and spin" is sometimes used by people unfamiliar with the Sit'N Spin toy and the original origin of the expression. (There are several images of Sit'N Spin available via internet search.)
Friend 1: "Are you going out like that? You look like a complete idiot."
Friend 2: (flips middle finger) "Sit and spin, bitch, you just wish you had tickets."
by Pedantic Asshole October 31, 2013
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An insult, referring to the child's toy "Sit 'n Spin", but used with a sexual connotation. The term tells a person to take a thumb (or another finger or object), stick it up their asshole, and spin on it. It's akin to saying "go fuck yourself."

The phrase can be used alone, or can be accompanied with a gesture. Holding your fist out in the "thumbs up" position, the speaker makes a short jab upwards, symbolizing sticking one's thumb up their ass.
John sprawled across the couch in the club, looking for some tail. A man walked up with a drink.

Man: "Hey, I was sitting there!"
John: "Well you're not now."
Man: "Yeah, but I want to sit there."

John stuck his thumb out and said "sit and spin."
by Aeroldoth January 16, 2008
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1. A childs toy that is round and allows a child to spin wildly around by grasping a wheel and pulling themselves around.

2. A sexual practice where a man lays on his back and his partner sits on top of him inserting his penis into whatever opening is desired then the partner on top spins around 180 degrees or 360 degrees while remaining engaged with the man laying on his back.
Instead of pulling off of me last night when she wanted to change positions, she did a "sit and spin" to face the other direction. That felt so good that I almost had an orgasmm before she was done rotating.
by BRD October 24, 2004
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to sit on top of a dick and spin
riding a dick while spinningdick
by TIGHT.Tight September 29, 2010
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A small girl, between the height of 5'2 and 5'5, in the weight class of 95 to 105 pounds, who could, nay SHOULD, be placed upon your penis and spun around in a sexual act.
oh my god, amber is such a sit and spin. i would bang her lights out.
by poopsmith mcgee January 31, 2008
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A polite way to tell someone, "Go fuck yourself!" It's the kind of phrase that even if you've never heard it before, when said at the right time with the right attitude, everyone in the room knows exactly what it means.
TOM: How 'bout you let me borrow 20 bucks?
DICK: How 'bout you go sit and spin!
HARRY: That shit was funny.

Example #2: Today on television I heard Rosie O'Donnell tell Donald Trump to sit and spin. I almost pissed my pants.
by HuskyMiller December 21, 2006
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A way to describe a girl. Usually one that is short but has very large breasts. A Girl perfect to use for the sexual act of a "Sit and Spin"
Hey Man, check out that Sit and Spin Girl!
by CH3S January 9, 2009
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