Someone with intelligence, common sense, and courage. An admirable person, someone who will in the future become a person people look up to. Someone who's simply awesome.
Woah, he's such a Jeong.
by Randomnesssssssssssss October 31, 2016
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Oh My God, I can't believe that guy is my kind. He is such a Jeong.
by Ping~Fu June 9, 2016
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jeong jaehyun is the most handsome,kind,sweet,and charismatic followed by taeyong,taeil,johnny,yuta,kun,ten,doyoung,winwin,jungwoo,lucas,mark,hendery,xiaojun,renjun,jeno,haechan,jaemin,yangyang,shotaro,sungchan,chenle,and jisung
oh wow,no one can beat jeong jaehyun’s handsomeness,kindness,sweetness except himself.fighting,nct members
by jeong jaehyun December 7, 2020
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A Da Jeong, or as she likes to be called DJ, is a really sweet kind hearted person. DJ is a lot prettier and more beautiful of a person than she lets herself get credit for both inside and out. although often thinking the worst of herself, she is the best version of any of us, someone we should all cherish and keep and have at our side. a DJ is someone who is always there for you no matter how little you give, however you must never forget to take care of her because even a caregiver needs some care given even though they won't admit it and even tell you they dont want it. and although a DJ may seem a bit crazy at times from keeping things in for so long or say things nobody else has the balls to say out loud, shes really an angel at heart. if you ever find a DJ keep her, take care of her even if she hates it and go and be crazy with her, have fun and never lose her
Person 1: "Wow that person gave me a hug right when i needed it and i didn't even ask for it
Person 2: "That must've been a Da Jeong."
by vegeeatter1204 June 13, 2019
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Jeong Yunho is an amazing tall boy known to be a member of a Kpop group named ATEEZ. He is a talented vocalist and an incredible performer. His dancing skills allow Yunho to learn choreography very quickly and he also has choreographic skills. Recently, he was cast to play a second lead male role in the drama Imitation (with Jongho, San and Seonghwa)
Nicknamed Golden Retriever or Yunho-gizer, he is a very funny and friendly person.

Atinys really likes his mochi cheeks.
by mellyujung April 24, 2021
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Creator and father of the most famous lesbian cult known to humankind: LOONA

He, as all fathers are destined to do, left the poor lesbians and failed to pay child support. For this, LOONA's cult followers, orbits (commonly known as fags), will be forced to revolt and cancel him publicly on the social media platform Twitter.
Jaden Jeong is but another example that men aint shit.
by @?_+2?#)#)2) November 8, 2019
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hmm..... a kid who is rich and asian.
theres another young jeong from korea.
by simon January 21, 2005
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