An event where one dude acts like such an ass that he immediately replaces Lebron James as the biggest faggot on Earth.
Dude 1: Wait a minute, this guy signed a two-year extension, then had his coach and the team GM fired, demanded a trade, and refused to go to any team but the Lakers to ensure that his team could not negotiate a fair trade?

Dude 2: Yes, and he wears fake prescription eyeglasses with the lenses popped out because Lebron and Wade do it.

Dude 1: Man I thought Lebron was a giant faggot but this Dwight Howard really takes the cake.
by mintek August 20, 2012
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One seriously awesome basketball player. Often eats babies before each game because he's that manly.
I wish I was as cool as Dwight Howard.
by Jaremaing May 31, 2009
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to be 6'11" and dunk like you're only 6'6"
man that dwight howard dunks like he's not 6'11"!
by dunkdunkdunk July 29, 2009
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Guy 1: Man did you see that block by Dwight Howard?!

Guy 2: Yeah, almost as sick as his dunk in the 2008 dunk contest!
by BasketballFan2412 May 26, 2011
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When you block someone's attempt to throw something,shoot a basket,or anything like that.Based off of Dwight Howard's amazing and often times humiliating (for the other guy) defense.
Bro A:"Toss me a soda,bro."

Bro B:"Comin' right up." *tosses a can of Dr. Pepper to Bro A*

Bro C.*Smacks it out of the air* "Dwight Howard!"

Bros A and B: *Surprised*
by Ebronomics January 10, 2012
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A NBA Player who would’ve been a top 5 center of all time if it weren’t for injuries and Kobe Bryant

Also known as Superman
Dumbass 1: Embiid is goated
Dumbass 2: LeBron is better
Genius: Nah Dwight Howard better in his prime. That’s why he whooped LeBron in the conference finals when he was younger and had a worse team.

Dumbass 3: Wanna play soccer?
by KaiWild July 20, 2021
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Noun: in which a man puts a superman cape on his penis, takes his balls, and slams them into a womans mouth with all his force, in verb form: Dwight Howarded
dude, last night i totally got it on Dwight Howard style with your mom, i think i might have broken one of her teeth

did you see the game last night? Dwight Howard completly Dwight Howarded Delonte West
by jmoneygreatestrapper December 31, 2010
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