2 definitions by Jon bon the gon gon

When the male takes a whip while letting the female suck his dick, to add on vibration the girl starts singing so her mouth and tongue vibrates around the whole dick seemingly creating a vacuum of unholy vibrating pleasure, if the female stops singing the whip is used as a second method to make the female scream to which vibrates the throat which the males dick should be in.
Guy:"hey girl wanna do a dong a long sing a song?"

Girl:"sure baby im gonna fill u up with some justin beiber"

Guy:"you better not stop or i will whip you"

Girl:"mmmm kinky"
by Jon bon the gon gon December 29, 2020
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To insert a hand in someones asshole and thrusting in and out and maximum hand thrusting velocity yo make your woman orgasm at world record speed while singing Make You Mine by PUBLIC
Girl: " honey cheeky shortcakes please put your hand in mine "
Guy: " hell yeah im gonna mess up the sphincter muscles in your ass so hard"
by Jon bon the gon gon October 20, 2020
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