A non politically correct comment whether it is sexist, racist, homophobic. Your typical "that opinion shouldn't be voiced" type of banter
I'd give her one" "that's a bit Andy Gray
by Vinesy January 27, 2011
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Is often seen riding around on his motorbike, shouting at old ladies, and even stopping to give them a shove over. After this act of sheer insolence he takes to the road like a bitch on heat and shacks up with the nearest lorry driver for some lovin'.
Did you see that bloke bum the lorry driver?
Yeah he's such an Andi Gray
by Lovelybowtie November 18, 2010
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A phrase used to replace 'Thats what she said'. It is in reference to the pundit Andy Gray who made sexist comments about a female lineswoman in a premier league soccer match.
Mike Whats the answer to this question?
John: I don't know what it is.
Mike: Thats what Andy Gray said!

Frank: Whats going on?
Sam: Thats what Andy Gray said!
by yeahyeahkid February 01, 2011
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