YouTuber who plays NBA 2K and does reaction/roast videos. Also calls him self 'King So'. Know for his phrases such as "You feel me" "Say goodbye" "Where he at coach", and he really really likes his snow bunnies. His go to outfit is a snap back of any sports team you can think of with a crisp white tee with some jewelry.
SoLLUMINATI is my favorite YouTuber . He's so funny
by DDaws June 8, 2017
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YouTuber who plays NBA 2K and does reaction videos. Also calls him self "hoodie So", "dui So", "breaker So", Know for his phrases "She Want Me" "Say goodbye" "What are you looking at" "thats tuff", and he really likes his weed. His go to outfit is a hoodie/his merch and a durag.
Look there goes that YouTuber Solluminati
by BigBoyInJeans February 24, 2019
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Solluminati is generally known for his twitch streams and catch phrases. "Gazer, Gazer", "HEEEEEE". He has a former ex stripper girlfriend named Queen Ashala. He is currently known as Spiritual SO, a place where the bots do not belong.
Person 1: I have an ex girlfirend who does onlyfans.
Person 2: Oh so she's one of those-Solluminati
by OvoPhantuumsHasoneEYE November 2, 2020
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