In a movie theater, masturbate quietly in your seat. Before climax, cup your hand in the shape of a silencer on the end of your penis and ejaculate onto the back of the head of the person in front of you. Then leave silently out of the theater.
The bitch in the front wouldn't stop talking on her phone during White Chicks, so I pulled out my silent assassin on her ass.
by DaTrueJDub April 15, 2007
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A man who waits in the closet while his friend has sex with a woman, masturbating, then jumps out when they finish and cums on her face.
Ted: Hey, I got a hot date tonight. You wanna be the silent assassin?
Bill: Hell yea, that bitch will never see it coming!
by rizzo fo shizzo November 22, 2006
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1) The second game in the HITMAN video game series.
2) A ranking in the HITMAN games only possible by killing just the targets and with no witnesses.
3) To ejaculate on somebody without their knowlage of said ejactulation.
1) I just bought 'Silent Assassin'.
2) I just got the 'Silent Assassin' ranking on 'House Of Cards'.
3) I just gave that bitch a silent assassin on the bus today. Sure didn't see that coming...
by Comrade 47 March 12, 2008
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A prank where you wait for someone to go to sleep. Once they are asleep you start to jerk off. Once you are about to cum wake the person up and cum on them. Thus called the "Silent Assassin"
Person 1: "Dude WTF?? Why are you jerking off?"
Person 2: "I'm about to Silent Assassin that bitch in the other room."
Person 1: "OH, HAHAHAHAHA!!!!"
by El Dr June 8, 2010
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A long-term counter-strike knifing clan. The leader of this clan is Nato Suicidal.
I'm gonna go play in the Silent Killing Assassins clan Server and get pwned by its members.
by Ub3r 1337 hax0r September 28, 2006
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