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Turkish slang for:

go the fuck away, go away, fuck off, get lost
siktir olup git ulan
siktir olup gitti
by Anstaltmogul November 19, 2007
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ha-siktir is a verbal cursing,the best translation would be "gtfo" get the fuck off. its more like denieing someones action than just saying gtfo like "fuck that "
rick : you can trust me your lil secrete u know we Β΄re best buddys
bob : hasiktir

rick : iΒ΄ve met jessica alba last night in the v.i.p. section of the club
bob : siktir .. your momma told me u were sleeping
by monkgonewild August 24, 2008
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An Iranian-turkish people's phrase which means "get the fuck off" or if it's spelled rough it means "go fuck yourself"
Siktir kon baw
(It means : get the fuck off man)
(Kon: do)
(Baw: short form of "baba". Baba means dady but here it doesn't mean it, just used to point to person you are talking to)
by Hioo93 August 14, 2018
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Siktir is a slang turkish word for

STUPID son of bitches!
This word very popular in ardabil and other cities of iran
Hey ali, please siktir kon. I am tired and want to sleep.
Please dokmeye sikitiret ro bezan.
by Yogilover August 17, 2018
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