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The country responsible for producing the most kickass band in the world: System of a Down.
by Luka April 21, 2004
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You know you're Armenian when...
1. Asked where he's from, your dad may reply "I'm hye." People will never look at you the same way.
2. You're last name ends with either "ian" or "yan".
3. You live in Los Angeles County. If you don't many of your relatives do, in the areas north of Hollywood. (Glendale, Burbank, etc.)
4. Your family considers the anniversary of the Armenian Genocide a national day of mourning.
5. Your parents are still holding a grudge over the genocide, and hate Turks with a passion.
6. Church is attended as a social event.
7. Often, when your family meets other Armenians, it's realized that you're all related.
8. Dolmeh: You either hate it or love it.
9. Though you are not rich, you enjoy luxuries such as brand name clothing, jewlery, nice cars, and more.
10. After watching "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", you were shocked to realize that your own relatives resemble many of the characters.
11. Your parents were probably born in Iran, and fled the country before or during the war.
12. Though you were never taught the language, you are able to understand Iranian (Farsi).
13. No matter what kind of music you listen to, System of a Down rocks!
14. You have to applaud the Armenians for trying to change the ghetto of East Hollywood.
15. You are from one of the best countries in the world.
Since telling her we are "hye",my teacher thinks my family is into drugs. My last name is Kevakian. I live in La Crescenta, California. I wear black on April 24. My parents hate Turks, but I think I can forgive them for their shameful past. My future husband can most likely be found at our church. The new guy who works at the bakery is my dad's cousin's husband's uncle's wife's nephew. I could eat dolmeh everyday of my life. Yesterday I bought a $100 purse at Coach. I think the producers of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" met my family somewhere and thought we were from Greece. My parents were born in Tehran, and both moved before the Iran-Iraq War. Who needs Spanish?! Knowing Armenian, Farsi, and English will get me a decent job in LA! I like rap and hip-hop, yet I have every CD from System of a Down. Sure, East Hollywood is still full of hookers, drugs, and cheap bars, but hey, they managed to get that "Little Armenia" sign up; it's a start, right? I'm from Armenia, one of the best countries in the world.
by **DrEaMaKeR** August 14, 2005
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Armenians ARE white. Just because you've seen ONE picture of an Armenian on the internet with a tan-like skin color doesn't mean they're not white. Why do you think Italian males have a tan-like skin color too? It's all due to exposure from the sun. Armenian and Italian males' skin color changes to a tan color when exposed to the sun. Armenians ARE European. Don't believe the propaganda you hear or read on the internet on how we're not Europeans. People who give propaganda like that say we're one of the following: Asian, Middle Eastern or Muslim and the people who say that have no idea who we Armenians are, and have NO culture of their own. Modern day Armenia is a mountainous country, with a beautiful lake. Armenian grandmother's are heaven's angels, and overall, we're kind, honest and funny people. You can easily get along with Armenians. Ancient Armenia stretched out to the three nearby seas: Caspian, Black and Mediterranean. The two countries that hate us, Azerbaijan and Turkey, hate us because we are far more superior than them and are, by far, more advanced in everything than they are. Turkey denies the Armenian Genocide because their brain doesn't function too well.
Me: Armenia is a cool country, don't you think?
Tom: What's Armenia?
Me: Go fuck yourself...
by FuckTurkeyAndAzerbaijan March 21, 2010
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A country whose main population was displaced by the 1915 Turkish genocide, still denied by Turkey 90 years on.

Ah, no matter, that didn't stop Armenians making the world rock. System of a Down, Zildjian cymbals and even the one and only MADDOX are Armenian!

You can tell an Armenian surname if it ends in either -ian or -yan.
"Name just ONE thing that damned country gave us!"


"Oh...shit.....ok, name another! Yeah!"




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A country nearly eradicated by genocide by the Turks. If anyone denies this happed, they've never read history or examined the cold hard facts. The other person who defined this term needs to enrol in a class on brains.
The Nazi Holocaust in Germany is comparable to the Armenian genocide.
by Mosiah May 20, 2005
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The country where the world's leading cymbal and drumstick maker Zildjian comes from.
by Bazz October 06, 2004
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A country which has seen well over its share of hardships. Yes, we are strong nationalists and we are closely knit. Armenian Martyr's day is a solemn day, our Patron saints are Vartan and Gregory the Illuminator.
There is a large diaspora of Armenians throughout the world. We can be found in Indonesia, Australia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Syria, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, France, Italy, the UK, Argentina, the U.S. and of course Armenia.
We were butchered by the Ottoman Turks for being Armenian, Christian or both from 1915-1925. The Turkish government still denies this though most educated Turks state that 1 million Armenians indeed were killed by the Turkish government. Stating this fact is still against Turkish law, which seems a little suspicious. Those who are even semi-educated do not deny the Genocide, but I guess that cannot be said about some.
We are normally large people with dark hair and dark brown eyes. Some though are Aryan, but they are oddly called Cossacks for some strange reason.
We are devout Christians, and take pride in the fact that in the early 4th century, Armenia was the first nation to adopt Christianity.
There is a long, great and epic history I could tell you know but that would take too long.
Armenia is an incredibly persistent nation, having survived for so long and outlasting countless rivals.
by Chelsea_Supporter October 23, 2006
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