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The best pokeman
by Aa April 03, 2003

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A leisure lunch taken with other proffessionals for the purposes of buisness. Often with clients or coworkers. 3 martini's = 3 hours.

Modern equivlant is two martini lunch which means to have a short three martini lunch
Bob and Susan took their clients out for a three martini lunch to discuss future products releases.
by AA March 22, 2005

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people living in, or around, the west county area of St. Louis, Missouri. These people think they are smarter, funnier, and much better looking than the rest of the people living in the St. Louis area, and they are in fact correct. They also tend to believe others who live outside the area are hicks, which is another correct assumption.
Look at the west county snobs with their Coach purses and other amazing accesories.
by AA April 21, 2005

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An Idiom: To the sum or extent of.
"We're looking at jail time, Franky. Either that or a fine to the tune of $50,000."
by AA November 02, 2003

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A dreadful condition which somehow causes letter S to disappear from urbandictionary.com frontpage 'browsable by letter' list.
Og sheesh, they've forgotten to put S there among others again dammit!
by AA September 10, 2003

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a word invented by a bunch of wannabees who wanted to do something cool
(wit a lisp) i am quite possibly the most 3l33t counter stirke player on the worldwide network. well of course that only theoretically *snort*snort*
by aa February 18, 2005

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fuck up
siktir ulan pezevengin dolu
by aa September 06, 2003

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