an idiot
but the context it is used in has a wide variety
eh sial, go die lah
wahhh, damn nice siaaaal
babi sial lah u
by yeetthefleet March 8, 2019
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a power word able to be used in virtually any situation. mainly used by teenage hooligans, almost as a greeting, or a verbal way of showing excitement, shock, happiness, exhaustion, or purely just for noise. derived from the malay term "sial", sial is used for the opposite reason opposed to calling someone an idiot.
Timothy: "eh walao Cymon give me back my g string lah"
Cymon: " *click* sial"

-Exam period-
Sharan: *drops calculator*
rest of teenagers in unison: "sial"

Zenden: "Sharan money now"
Sharan: "seeyial"
Zenden: *takes bottle lol*
by cinnamoncracker October 15, 2019
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Sial in Spanish is pretty/beautiful.
Use it every time your wife/gf is looking good
Honey you look so sial today!
by January 9, 2022
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siale is a guy that takes everything as a joke, who is so hilarious and always wants to have a good time! hes always down to party and puts family before anything. Hes usually pretty churchy and involved in a church group, usually which plays sports and always have get togethers on a certain day. A very pretty girl will be after him because of how well he gets along with her and because of his personality, she will also think the world of him because of his cuteness. Siale is an overly nice, generous person but the type of person who has been brought up in a hard family. So this means he does not like to show his true feelings otherwise he feels like a pussy, he refers to himself as gangsta but on the inside he is a very soft person. He will not be very into the whole relationship thing but one day a girl will come along and he will open his whole heart up to her.
that siale guy is so special
by crazycrazyCRAAZY. June 30, 2011
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Sial is a word to praise someone who is sexy, handsome, and beautiful, among the people who are always called sial are people who are smart and sit in the front class.
For example: hye Mark! You You are so sial today
by Rusyaid March 10, 2021
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Commonly used as a curse-word.
It's a word from SEA (South-East Asia).
Somehow, it could mean "bad luck" or something along the lines of "hardship".

But commonly used like when you say "Shit!".
(But it doesn't mean "Poo")

It may also be used to address someone rudely.
(Which you could translate to "Shithead")

Other variants of this are:

-"Sialan" (Another way to say "Sial")
-"Be(r)sialan" (Meaning: Being a shit or shithead)
To exclaim or simply curse, you say: Sial!

To address someone rudely, you say: Hey, Sial.
by Vince0110 January 1, 2022
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