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A female youtuber that is so funny,nice,and weird😄 she plays weird games with mithzan any yourpalross she'll put a smile on your face no matter what with her voice
by Asrieldremmur November 20, 2016
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An amazing gaming Youtuber with a naturally high pitched voice that causes her to sound like a nine-year-old boy. Her channel mainly consists of Minecraft but also includes other random games. Her Minecraft husband, Grazer (recently divorsed) have been going strong a whole half season of Harmony Hallow and devastated fans after their break up. They also have a daughter, Grace, who everybody believes is deceased. Shubble is overall a wonderful, caring Youtuber and has a very respectful and awesome fan base.
Person 1: Did you see the new video?
Person 2: The one Shubble uploaded?
Person 1: Yeah.
Person 2: Of course, I did. It was hilarious!
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by JackieElle09 August 11, 2017
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very busty slightly emo and lil foreign. has an addiction to zombies and necrophilia. loves cats yet eats bunnies. prefers to be nude
that shubbles is hawt,

guess if your attracted to zombies and old fashioned men with curly moostaches yes
by PandaPirate May 09, 2011
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When attempting to pass gas one creates a shit bubble. It mostly happens when plagued with "the trots".
Christ on a cracker! My cat just made a shubble. Did you see that? Stinky.
by Dollface August 24, 2004
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