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It is a term used to define anything that is shriveled and wrinkled.
Dude! Your grandma is shrinkled.

After he got out of the bath, he was a shrinkled as a prune.

by linc_57 May 23, 2008
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means a combination of shrivled and wrinkled. it's kinda a little of both and just came out of my mouth one night.
that apple is really shrinkled!
by Smeagol January 22, 2005
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The appearance of male genitalia after a certain age, too much weight, too much alcohol. It's a combo of shrunken and wrinkled.
When he took his pants off, his junk was so shrinkled I lost all interest.
by Syllable aficionada April 18, 2011
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When an item, including, but not limited to clothing or other materials shrinks and becomes wrinkled.
My son’s new shirt became shrinkled after laundering.
by Cooldigs May 24, 2019
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When something shrinks by wrinkling
You're brain must be shrinkled from all that binge-watching.
by forevergood August 20, 2019
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Combination of shriveled and wrinkled
She was a 100 year old woman but her shrinkled face was glowing with a life lived beautifully.
by Elrixie October 23, 2017
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