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the most funniest, cutest, smartest GORL ever. if you’re friends with her you’re so lucky. don’t ever let her go. she keeps everything to herself, but she thinks that’s for the better. she’s truly amazing. don’t EVER hurt her.
guy: hey who’s that ?
other guy: omg that’s shreyashi she’s so amazing

guy: oh fr ? u think i can get her ?
other guy: boi no she’s WAY stop good for u
by DEEZ NUTS LOL XD July 17, 2018
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He is always kind and caring. Puts others need before his own. Although he too can be whimsical, childish and demanding, sometimes adorably so. That's understandable too. After all, we wish to be treated the way we treat others. Usually a Leo, they know what they deserve and won't put up with nonsense for long. They have a successfully artistic and creative side to them. Usually wonderful singer, guitarist, or painters. They can be the friend for life. Love them and treat them well, like everyone else.
You're so quiet Shreyashis, you must be thinking up of some new creative project.
by Untammy March 31, 2019
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