Michael always signs up for office sports events in an attempt to look manly, but everyone knows he is a perfect little princess.
by laser-eye November 19, 2009
The name of a tiny little bitch boy totally lacking any muscle or social skills who attends Community Christian School Denver. He is a reject and a pussy. It is best to ignore him at all times.
Ethan: Wtf! Who is that dumbass?

Thomas: Oh, that's just Little Princess. Just ignore him. He is a pussy bitch.
by bastarrrrrd December 8, 2009
To which all spoilt immature and bratty ass 13-year-old whore of a girl-child who gets whatever the fuck she wants and od's on Roblox and has Robux and goes to work on that dick of a fake roblox bf who is 49 years old in rl.
Girl: Daddy, can i have a new game
Daddy: Here you go Little Princess
by TheGayAccount September 21, 2018
• Girl spoiled by her parents

• Daughter of two kings who in the future will be the queen of the country or city where she lives
My Little Princess
by HermsGranger February 3, 2017
naill horan or "little irish princess" as the directioners call him is a fun nickname given to naill because the rest of the 1D boys treat naill like a little brother and he is irish
there is our little irish princess
by naills potatoes January 26, 2021
a cute nickname for a little Girl named Cecilie or Cece :3
1:OMG you see this girl named Cece?
2:Yeah this little Princess is sooo cuuute!
by Cece is cute af April 22, 2021
Anyone whose name starts with a C in the whole wide world bc they are all babies.
Oh boy stop acting like your a pretty little princess oh wait your Cameron right? So it makes sense
by Gaygirlman November 23, 2020