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Some super smart indian kid who everyone wants to copy of. He known as the smart, retarted, racist indian kid who everyone wishes had at their school (when pigs fly). He is going to be a future harvard graduate and will become a microsoft CEO
"Shreyash is supah cool. I wish i could be like him
by Coolindiankid June 16, 2018
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Shreyash is the Nepalian kid down the street that stole your bike, then fucked your grandma.

Shreyash's tend to be short, have rat-like haircuts, and very skinny. Modern day Shreyash's can be found playing cricket or on boats to other countries.
"Where's my bike, Shreyash?"
"I do not know please leave my family alone, we only have rice to feed the geese and mothers mother"
by Taylan Skurtevski June 28, 2017
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