slang for penis
the destroyer of worlds
requires no protection during intercourse
see CHC
That guy totally tore me apart last night with his shredder!!
by b rizzett October 2, 2007
only the coolest people in the world....the people who fuck cows and the occasional sheep, while using fly vocabulay like "nice" and "sweet" and pulling amazing ollies
woah, you fucked chris are such a shredder
by XtremeShredds April 11, 2005
a girl who uses too much teeth during oral sex
Guy 1: Is that girl any good at giving head?

Guy 2: Damn, man. Shredder just about ripped the skin off my dick.
by PaypaKlip January 14, 2012
a word that originated in rio linda. when a girl graduates past the stage of ripping to the stage of shredding
that bitch is coming shes a shredder, lets run a train on that bitch!
by Dante krops August 31, 2008
A nickname given to tennis superstar Roger Federer. It is a portmanteau of his last name and The Shredder, the pre-eminent villain from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle media series. It is sometimes used in conjunction when refering to fellow tennis player and rival Rafael Nadal, as one of Ninja Turtles is also named Raphael. Can alternatively be spelled "Shrederer."
"Did you see yesterday's semifinal? The Shredderer was tearing Djokovic a new asshole before Djokovic gave up like a pussy."
by Greg Cujo May 1, 2008