A person who acts to be harsh and hardcore but is real wrecked and vulnerable on the inside yet still tries to make everyone happy arou d despite who may have done him wrong
My teacher looked at me and said im just like obrian
by Kìng great August 3, 2018
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OBrian is somebody who is career-driven and a hardworking person. They will go far in life. Everything is 100 percent with them. OBrian is friendly; people are so drawn to them for their charismatic abilities and good vibes. Many are jealous/admired of OBrian. They are not egotistical or arrogant; they are humble and genuine with who they are and what they do. OBrian is a heartwarming soul. They care so much about their family and friends. If you're lucky to date an OBrianor in love with one, don't let them go. One of the best guys you'll ever meet. He's the biggest dork with the biggest heart, and no matter what kind of mood or funk you're in, he always manages to lift you out of it just with his presence. OBrian is easily the type of guy you could see yourself spending the rest of your life with; he's loyal, sweet, hardworking, and kind beyond all measures. OBrian is an irreplaceable individual who makes more of an impact on people's lives than he knows of. If you have an OBrian in your life, give him the whole world because he deserves that and more.
An OBrian is an extraordinary person.
by Symbaface November 24, 2021
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Open minded individual with a big heart. Also very attractive.
OBRIAN went down the street and meet a new friend
by Yayayay71 November 26, 2021
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Calin Obrian has the smallest penis in history. His penis is so small that you feel bad and say ''awww'' when you see it. Due to the size it accumulates an enormous amount of dick cheese smelling like stinky moldy feet. Calin struggles to understand english and because of this he pulls disgustedly ugly girls with his girlfriend being the exception.

I suggest that you stay away from Calin Obrian unless you want to transmit genital herpes, and gonorrhoea.
Person 1: Omg did you smell that?

Person 2: Yeah, i'm pretty sure that is Calin Obrian i saw him walk in
by loyalBBplayz December 1, 2022
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