When actors engage in a romance for the run of a show.
Once the run is over so is the romance.
The term originated in the theater and moved to movies and scripted television and then reality television.
The term has now moved to the populace to discribe any contrived romance.
Dude 1: I didn't know Anthony and Cicely were dating.
Dude 2: It's just a showmance, Cicely is just dating Anthony just to make Edgar jealous.

Dude 1: I didn't know Anthony and Cicely were dating.
Dude 2: They're not. It's just a showmance, Anthony is gay.
by Bif Loman July 17, 2006
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A romance developed between two actors during the filming of a movie/production of a play that ends directly after the project has ended. Often, a showmance occurs between two people playing lovers (this could be caused because of the close contact between the actors in such situations, or because of a confusion between real emotions and the character's emotions). Current usage also applies to reality show contestants who hook up during the show for the sake of good television, but this term has been used in theatre circles for many decades.
While they were playing Romeo and Juliet, Bob and Sally started dating, but then broke up after closing night. It was just a showmance.
by WhoGirl17 January 27, 2006
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a romance on a reality show its not real

its a word the loveable asshole will kirby made up.

also the word is copy righted so will can say it you cant...cause he'll sue your ass.
will and janelle had a showmance, even though will was the only one that knew what it was.
by bigbrother777777777 June 6, 2007
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A "show romance," that is, a romance that develops between reality show contestants or participants, especially one that ends as soon as the show is over. Often entered into primarily as a ploy to gain more camera time. The term was popularized by Kristen, of E!'s "Watch with Kristen."
I thought Nick and Amy shared a real romance on The Apprentice, but their immediate breakup proves that it was just a showmance.
by DavidK93 April 9, 2004
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A showmance occurs when a guy and girl meet at the club and have a temporary one night "romance". It's not real, but just a "Showmance".
Yo, what was up with you and that chick last night making out on the dancefloor? What a Showmance!
by Jazz Hand August 14, 2007
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A romance between to television, film and theatre actors or realty stars who play the role of the others romantic interests in a television series, play or film (see; reality television). This typically occurs when two actors share one or more scripted "love" scenes or on-screen kisses.

Showmances do, however, develop between two co-stars playing roles in which they are in no way romantically linked, however due to long hours on set and often odd or isolated locales, a couple may develop some sort of relationship to bide their time or otherwise entertain themselves.

An actor or actress may mistake scripted passion or chemistry on screen, for a real life romance off-set. Showmances typically end after the filming has ended.

Brangelina showmance is one of the longest running in history.

(see "House: MD" co-stars; Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer; now engaged, they started their romance around the time it was written into the show)
by urbanr0cker April 12, 2008
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A romantic relationship between two people or contestance on a reality show.
Mccrae and Amanda are my favorite showmance!!
by lil_lil2701 May 12, 2014
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