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-A widely accepted and legalized racketeering scheme in which parents and students pay upwards of $30,000 to voluntarily accept extremely leftist propaganda as well as have their, bank accounts, homes and other viable assets regularly forcibly raped after getting it good from a bank or student loan branch.

-There are many highly publicized myths, the most popular being, that there is rampant, uninhibited sex, and a bevy of busty wanton teens and young adult girls just waiting to have sex with any man who’ll have them. In reality, there is rampant sex, but everyone’s not hot, it’s sloppy, the girls are half-dead from booze and drugs, the guys go limp half of the way through and 1 out of ever 3 girls has been slipped something and ends up date-raped.

-The truth of the matter is, college is another form of high school with more ‘freedom’ less restrictions and triple the money paid. Or, more accurately a brainwashing “group” akin to the Manson Family or the Heaven’s Gate Cult.

College can however be a fun and exciting place, mainly for freshman and sophomores who can’t believe there is SO MUCH pot, coke, speed and alcohol readily available and mostly for free.
Twins Jessica & Ashley were given $50,000 each for college upon graduating high school.

Jessica moved to California and bought a house in the Valley outright.

Ashley got into a prestigious college, paid the entire $50K and now only ows Sally Mae $32,000.
by urbanr0cker May 10, 2008

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A colloquial term for rigours sexual intercourse.

Made popular by American musician Mickey Avalon, the phrase derives from a series of exercise videos actress Jane Fonda starred in during the early 1980's to mid 90's (1982-1995). To "Jane Fonda" means to engage in a through and exasperating workout. Thus refers to rough and/or tiring sex.
"more junk in the trunk than a Honda
i know you wanna do the JANE FONDA"
by urbanr0cker May 07, 2008

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Someone who exclusively (or mostly) wears "name brand" or high fashion labels. They are know to wear only what's in style right "now!". They often purchase clothes solely based on labels and disregard personal style preference or common sense.

Most label whore's generally cannot actually afford the clothes they buy as so much of it goes out of style within months. They're also known to "Shop & Swap" (wear and return clothing after one use).
I lol'd when that label whore Andi couldn't get her money back for that hideous Neiman Marcus bag...$300 down the drain.
by urbanr0cker May 01, 2008

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1). A day in which women who somehow managed to punch out a couple of kids feel entitled to flowers, cards, candy, balloons, bears and other meaningless gifts.

2.) Yet another "holiday" Hallmark, FTD and See's Candy conspired to invent in order to sell products in what would be a month otherwise void of an actual gift giving holiday (see: Christmas and December ).

3). A day in which the women in your family *say* they only wish you to acknowledge with your love and perhaps doing the dishes when they actually want their children, husbands or boyfriends to give them flowers, candles, dinners etc...
Girl: What's you get your mom for Mother's Day?

Guy: A hug.

Girl: ouch...what's she have to say about that?

Guy: not so much...
by urbanr0cker May 12, 2008

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A mental collection of visual images one stores in ones mind to remember later for purposes of 'self pleasure' see: masturbation. Entered into the spank bank are an array of images of people (usually ones you want to bone) in either suggestive or totally non-sexual situations generally seen in real life.

Ie; a girl in a mini skit, a low cut top and/or heels/A girl waiting at a traffic light eating a lollipop. A girl bending over to pick up a coin. A girl at a club making out with another chick.

A guy doing push-ups at the gym. Guys at the office etc...
Nate: Damn! did you see that bitch eat that banana?

Matt: Hell yeah...she deep throated that shit!*...that's going in my spank bank.

Amber: ewe...you guys are sick!
by urbanr0cker May 11, 2008

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A Kitler is a cat or kitten that bears a strong resemblance to Adolf Hitler. Kitler's typically have a dark coloured or black patch of hair directly below the nose that resembles Hitler's infamous mustache.
Mom: Why don't you take fluffy out to play with the other kittens?

Girl: Idk why mom but fluffy won't play with the other cats, mostly the different coloured ones.

Mom: Well, it's official...Fluffy's a Kitler then.
by urbanr0cker May 12, 2008

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When the presence of a girlfriend (either real of fictitious) is introduced by a male during a conversation with a female it is considered dropping a "girlfriend bomb." This is typically done to deter further or perceived pursuit of the male by the female. Either the guy finds the girl he's chatting with unattractive and fears she may be interested in him. Or he's intimidated by her. Thus, he needs to make her aware of "competition", that's he's desirable and taken or that he is *NOT* desperate.

It's basically saying "Hey look...someone likes me OTHER than you!"
(girl and guy casually chatting about nothing...)

Girl: yeah, so that's when i decided i wanted to see Iron Man.

Guy: *clears throat* um yea me and my girlfriend went to see that last night.

girl: wow...you dropped a girlfriend bomb..how lame.
by urbanr0cker May 11, 2008

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