He is a sweet and charming boy. He is between an extrovert and an introvert. He is a lady magnet even if he doesn't know it. If u have a mccrae in it life don't let him go, fight for him
Damn mccrae is so hot!!!!😍😍😘😘😄😄
by Unicornhead September 29, 2018
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(Noun) A Shot in Bowling where the person misses the pocket right hitting the 3-6 instead of the 1-3 or (left handed missing the 1-2 pocket hitting the 2-4, usually resulting in a "washout"
thus resulting in an open frame 78% of the time.
Bet ya 5 Bux Doug McCrae's the shit outta this shot
by Wilbur Excalibur III November 10, 2010
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Alastair McCrae is a little man
Dan: “Do you know Alastair McCrae?”
Sam: “no”
Dan: “exactly”
by HealyMeister January 8, 2022
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