Probably the most unintentionally funny movie ever made. Very overacted and dramatic. Take a shot everytime Elizabeth Berkley's character gets angry and storms out of the room; you will be dead by the end of the movie.
The only thing the men enjoyed during Showgirls were the many pelvic thrusts.
by Rip Her To Shreds September 18, 2005
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Movie that was released in 1996. Starring Elizabeth Berkley (known from playing Jesse on Saved By the Bell) & Gina Gershon. Well known for the countinues nudity and poor acting. Many have voted Showgirls as the worst movie of 1996 and of the '90s. Popular with drag queens and gay men, and horny college students. A funny movie not to be taking seriously. A must see!
"that movie was def. Showgirls bad"
by OUTe December 12, 2005
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a stripper that dances in a peep booth or strips behind a glass partition in exchange for tokens.
Marlene was a showgirl at Triple X Theater in NYC.
by KillerMongaloid November 4, 2009
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An amazing film, which has somehow gained cult status, even though most people say it was the worst film ever made.
he said it was the worst film he had ever seen, even worse than showgirls
by Nomi Malone September 11, 2003
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The act of spending lots of money on a movie, and seeing it tank in the box office.
Stupid "Lara Croft 2" did a Showgirls.
by Jeremy November 25, 2003
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A girl that puts on a show!
My friend, Ashtyn: Do you know what a showgirl is?
Me: A girl that puts on a show
by A scientist February 4, 2018
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An inability to commit to any engagement* earlier than mid afternoon due to grooming** requirements, preferably rising*** after 8-10 hours sleep. May involve a work of shame.

A Showgirl Morning includes adhering to a glamorous hair and makeup routine.

*Engagements frequently involve burlesque, socializing and dancing at vintage inspired events.

**Frequently involves 2 hour transformation including but not limited to wet setting hair, applying false lashes and red lipstick.

***May rise post sunset as determined by prior social activities and beauty sleep requirements of the individual.
See you at 2pm darling, Im 'having a showgirl morning....
by Eva Gardenia November 15, 2018
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