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A girl with beautiful eyes. Pretty.She is great at sports. Very funny. Smart. Can sing and dance. A best friend. Loyal. Secretive when it comes to love. Sweet. You would be lucky to know an Ashtyn. She loves animals. She can be stubborn or defensive but only if you say something about her. Her favorite color is purple. She is not very tall but she is strong.
Steve: look at her
Joe: ya shes perfect she is a total Ashtyn
by Lillian Botello March 25, 2011
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1) An awesome girl who is sicknasty at sports. Shes also very pretty & smart. And she loves life. Many people are jealous of her.
2) One who is just simply awesome at sports.
1) Q: Who is Ashtyn?
A: The most awesome person ever

2) Dude that girl is beast at volleyball. Shes like an Ashtyn!
by whatever148 April 04, 2009
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Usually a blonde but there is an occasional brunette, she’s kind and funny. She’s very loyal and perceptive when it comes to others, she like to help in whatever way she can. She’s really caring, smart, and hilarious when she has blonde moments.
I think that new girl’s an Ashtyn
by Ashesmania February 11, 2018
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One of the most gorgeous girls you will ever lay your eyes on. She holds everyones attention, and is normally the center of attention. Ashtyns are normally blonde, or have blonde moments, but are really smart. They are kind, and never jealous. They love to party, and girls are always jealous of them, people don't like her because she is pretty, popular, ect. Ashtyn's seems to have it all. They tend to be bossy, but have good intentions at heart. Ashtyn look like an angels. Watch out she might steal your boyfriend right out from under you.
Dang! That girl is hot, she must be an Ashtyn.
by webstersonline_00 February 22, 2010
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A very awesome person who loves animals and has a dog named amberlynn. However she is a nerd so you have to make sure she doesn’t over whelm you with fun facts and using good grammar while texting
Wow she’s amazing and a nerd. She’s an Ashtyn!
by Not going to lose December 01, 2018
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Can often be found, on her bike, at school, hanging out with chickens and babies. Nice girl. I'd rate her 9/10.
Hey have you seen Ashtyn?

Yeah. She's babysitting some chickens.
by Chickens.Are.Mine July 02, 2018
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