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1. the act of minors trying to engage conversations with adults in attempts to have them purchase a substance

2. trying to get the hook up out side of 7-11 for cigarettes or alcohol
Ryan and Mike spent 4 hours outside of the deli shoulder tapping so they could get the freshman girls at the party drunk and fuck 'em.
by shaadylaady January 18, 2005
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v. When someone in authority selects a candidate for a position within a company or political office.
1. Barack Obama shoulder tapped Hillary Clinton to be his Secretary of State.

2. When the CFO put in her two week notice, the CEO shoulder tapped a former colleague for the position.
by Wurderette September 04, 2009
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When your getting blown by a chick who has great form, you tap her on the shoulder so she will get in position to get blasted in the fast
I was getting blown by drews mom and gave her the shoulder tap, then BLAM she caught it all over her face!!
by drews mom September 04, 2009
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When you do something silly or say something that doesn't make any sence. Origionated in Kansas City KS by the Ford sisters
Person # 1- I have four words that I need to say
Person # 2- What's that
Persont # 1- I-Hate-Wed-ings
Person # 2- Omg shoulder tap

Then you would tap your shoulder twice
by Pollyann January 29, 2011
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