A method of smoking cannabis...
THe smoker puts the joint inbetween the middle finger and the other one what ever its called, puts 'his' hand into a fist shape and breaths through the thumb and index finger.
'coughs' WOOOOO that was a good shotgun
by Mr xD February 20, 2005
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1. Shotgun, to claim the passenger seat in the front of the car.

2. Shotgun, to call some object for your own personal use.

3. Shotgun, to call the second hit of a bong, pipe, joint.

4. Shotgun, a shit that won't come out but at the last second a gas pocket behind it shoots it out making it thunk into the toilet with possible recoil spray.
1. where are we drivin?
idk but shotgun!

2. dude who wants to play halo?
shotty first game!

3. man this is some dank shit i'm callin greens on this!

4. oh man i would not use that bathroom for a couple minutes i just shotgunned all over the toilet.
duuuude that is disgusting!
by Dr. shokalav July 31, 2008
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1. A firearm used to kill various critters. Uses bird shot, buck shot, or a slug. Used occasionally by the military.Decends from the musket-like blunderbuss(it had a flared out muzzle to increase spray.
2. The second best seat in a car. Directly beside the driver.
1. The hunter used his twelve guage shotgun to kill a duck.
2. Bob said "I call shotgun!" "Bull crap!" shouted Paul.
by Charles McTaylor October 07, 2009
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to call for the front passenger seat of a car. Someone may call shotgun, but someone else can challenge them by dropping their pants. Once the callenge has been issued, the person who originally called shotgun can drop his pants, and then it's an all out race to see who can get to the car first.
Phil "Shotgun"
Zach <zzzip>
Phil <zzzzip>
Zach (after several seconds)"HA, I win"
by JoeMeal June 19, 2006
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Shot-gun is said when you want something, like dibs or bags, can be used when there is one item left and first to say shot-gun gets it. Most commonly used for the front seat of the car.
I called shot-gun i get the front seat
by hamghetti... September 28, 2006
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The act of being the second person to get skeeted in the eye. Hence, riding shotugn. Second.
Who wants to ride shotgun?
by Fabian Contreras January 07, 2006
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The act of saying the word "Shotgun" so that you sit in the passenger seat of a car, instead of sitting in the cobain.
Normally people call shotgun because-

1. They get carsick easiely
2. They like the veiw
3. They like competing with friends
4. Someone in the backseat is annoying
5. They want radio control
6. They don't want to seem like a baby

Guy1- "SHOTGUN!!"
Guy2- "Aww.... I want shotgun.."

by ydouc4re? April 24, 2009
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