The position taken by the second guy in a threesome including two guys and one girl. This is usually taken by the less hott guy who has to settle for the ass.
Bill: Oh man imma screw Stephanie tonight...
Mark: I call shotgun!
by Moosaman November 23, 2005
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A particular breed of really grizzled, old, butch lesbian.
Comes from the name of a model in the popular "by dykes, for dykes" lesbian porn magazine On Our Backs.
"I understand if you're transsexual and you need a male name, but some of these names are crazy. I mean, Bear?! Shotgun?!?!"
by Greta December 31, 2005
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The hole on the side of the bowl of a marijuana pipe (usually glass pipes), with which you can control the flow of air through the bowl. Covering the shotgun increases airflow into the bowl, making whatever you are smoking burn faster. Uncovering it lets air into your lungs through the shotgun as well as through the bowl.
"Cover the shotgun man, it's barely cherried"
by Black Crow 1038 November 15, 2004
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1) An extremely versatile weapon, preferred by red-necks because of its wide range of inexpensive ammunition (bird shot, deer shot, deer slug, incendiary tasers ect... ) among other things.

2) The front right seat of a car, popular because its in the front of the car generaly a bucket seat with a window.
1) jon shot the dragon fly with a shot gun.

2) bob called shot gun
by jib dab June 12, 2011
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1.To answer a multiple choice test by guessing the letter without even looking at the question itself

2.A quick drawback answer to make somebody STFU
1.John's teacher said they only have five minutes left thats why he shotgunned his unanswered items.

Michael: "I heard your mama so stupid,she got tripped over a wireless phone"

Ray: "That's ok,at least I aint ugly as you are that whenever you pass through a toilet,it flushes"

Angelo: "Oooh..Damn..Ray shotgunned you man..Boom!"
by tabula_migz_rosa January 19, 2007
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