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originated in Mexico with the birth of a Princess. The word means short, intelligent, affectionate girl with all the characteristics of a princess.
you tupid shortee :-D
by anonymous tupid April 16, 2005
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Shortee is recognized as one of the most diverse & technically skilled female DJs in the world & her career is highlighted by an unparalleled series of firsts. The #1 female scratch DJ & dubbed "Queen of the Scratch World" by DJ Times. Shortee spins hip hop, drum & bass, house & breaks. Learn more
dj shortee is queen of the scratch world!
by Bobby1200 August 23, 2008
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Shortee is the girl in the movie when papi’s the Hero
Shortee is the finest girl rocks those juicy ‘7s
A shortee’s papi keeps her feelin’ high and her drama low
When papi calls her, “shortee”, she calls papi, “love”
She’s the girl who got with papi cuz he’s the only boo who does them freaky things
"Blair - that's my shortee."
by Sketchy McSketch April 30, 2005
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Shortee, a very sexy guy AKA, Zack Conely.
hey Shortee, lets go fuck
by Cassie August 21, 2004
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