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master of whores
Damn! That pimp is a real whoremonger!
by Cassie March 11, 2003

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a large gush of sperm that comes out of the vagina in a buuble form shortly after ejactualtion. cousins with a snot bubble
by cassie February 02, 2003

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someone who likes a band purely for their looks as opposed to the music
That show ho was such a teenybopper. She didn't even know the words to the song.
by Cassie April 06, 2003

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sexy with a touch of lisp.
kelsey! - sexthy in every way. :]
by cassie May 07, 2005

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Intentionally hurting yourself for relief, comfort and/or pleasure. Such forms of SI include:

Cutting(mostly arms & legs)
Hair pulling
Lip biting
Nail bitting
Needle Stabbing
Ice & Salt
Sally cuts herself therefore she is a self-injurer...
by Cassie February 26, 2004

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Best drummer to ever live. also very cute
Dude: have you ever see Max play?
Chic: oh yes, he is dead fine!
by Cassie October 17, 2003

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Cottan underwear that old people wear.
My grandma has flower granny panties!
by Cassie April 06, 2004

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