This typically describes a man under 5 foot 5 inches. Short man syndrome men usually have a heavier body, a small head , but a larger face, typically are going bald. A man with short man syndrome will try to overcomensate for his small stature by buying oversize cars, always lying, being very controlling, very bossy, and think they are always right. They cannot admit they are wrong. They will align themselves with the people they think can do the most for them, and will use people to their advantage, lying about everything. They will cruise myspace, facebook,...ect... for hours trying to find friends that are female (that they dont really know) just to give the impression that they are popular with the ladies.
Mike bought a oversize SUV even though he could not afford the gas, cause he wants the girls to focus on the car not that he is short. He has short man syndrome.
Nick invite every girl onto his myspace to look like he is popular.
by the truth will rock ya May 8, 2012
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A term used to dehumanize short men. On the basis of this prejudiced term, a short man isn't allowed to do anything assertive, confident, or generally masculine without being accused of overcompensating or having short man's syndrome.

Whereas if a taller man exhibited the same exact behavior, nobody would bat an eyelash.
I rudely shoved that short guy at the bar out of my way, and he got all angry about it. Talk about short man's syndrome!
by cosmiccountrynoir April 24, 2011
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A demeaning phrases to explain the
everyday behaviour or reactions of a
shorter man. This circular definition
is very much like the black man's
supposed "chip on the shoulder," or a
female's "penis envy".

It is a device to excuse discrimination
by blaming the recipient of that
Redneck 1: "Hey, that guy got angry when I ridiculed him for being short."

Redneck 2: "He did? I guess that must be short man's syndrome."
by don May 1, 2004
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A story made up by tall guys with small dicks who have nothing else going for them than their height. The same insecure guys will come up with stories to put down men of all shapes, sizes, looks, professions, talents, and intelligence levels in an attempt to make themselves look better, and still wonder why we women won't go for them.
Jason: "How did that short man end up with that girl!! I have to bring it to her attention that her guy has short man's syndrome! Also check out that fat guy with the beautiful woman; he must have fat guy's syndrome. How about that smart guy? What a nerd! And that overly tall dude?! What a sasquatch! Don't even get me started on redhead men!"

Jennifer: "Get a life! And grow some balls so you don't need to put others down to feel better about yourself"
by Jenn86 May 28, 2011
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Aggression or needless bumptiousness displayed by a man below average height when it is perceived to be an attempt to compensate for his small size.
A shorter guy is constantly jostled in a crowd by an unthinking taller guy who sees over his head. Eventually, the shorter guy reacts aggressively by verbally abusing the taller guy. The taller guy is superciliously amused because the amount of aggression shown by the shorter guy is disproportionate to his presumed physical ability to carry through his threats. "Oh - it's short man syndrome".
by Jude April 28, 2004
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Also known as Napoleon complex

A very annoying and obnoxious syndrome. Short men come down with this when they realize they will always be the smallest adult in the family, group of friends or place of business.

They can also become violent against the wife and children, like a scene out of the movie The Shining.
Dino likes to hire minorities so he can feel better about himself.

Dino treats his brother(who's tall) like an employee and they are partners. People say it's because of his short man syndrome.

Dino: aaaah ha Maddie(the secretary)is dumber than dumb!
by Mamma Mia January 7, 2007
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The need for men of less than average height to try to explain away their anti-social and annoying compensatory behaviour by writing explanatory definitions on this site.

Short Man's Syndrome is something short men display, and it's always a bad thing.

Never vote for a short man.
Examples of Short Man's Syndrome include: Getting out of a Camaro. Becoming hostile when jostled. Headbutting people's knees.
by onelongdrinkofwater April 24, 2011
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