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A person, Who is usually in his/her mid to late 40's and has been married with Nothing but FAILURE 3X's.
Mia: Oh boy, that Lisa M. Is a Divorced3xLoser.
Sissy: yep. First Shaun, then Dana, now that fat guy Mike!
Mia: And wasn't Mike married when she started going with him?
Sissy: Thathome wrecker!
by Mamma Mia July 22, 2006

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Also known as Napoleon complex

A very annoying and obnoxious syndrome. Short men come down with this when they realize they will always be the smallest adult in the family, group of friends or place of business.

They can also become violent against the wife and children, like a scene out of the movie The Shining.
Dino likes to hire minorities so he can feel better about himself.

Dino treats his brother(who's tall) like an employee and they are partners. People say it's because of his short man syndrome.

Dino: aaaah ha Maddie(the secretary)is dumber than dumb!
by Mamma Mia January 07, 2007

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