Usually a small male who feels the need to make up for his lack of height, ironically a big insecurity.

Common side effects:


Cockiness ( often mistaken for confidence)
Feeling of inadequacy

Feeling of incompleteness
Lash outs
Feeling of not being respected

Paranoia (wonders if everyone thinks less of him)
Tough facial expressions (no smiles, raised brows)

Speaking with a deeper voice than usual
Being offended easily with a simple question

Walking with chest out

short man Syndrome (SMS) can have an impact on the friends and family of the person affected with SMS. Usually, taller patient men are nice enough to allow the affected individual to go through his episodes of insecurities at Christmas parties, gatherings, events, dinner, etc. This is allowed because the taller, patient, and kind man is smart enough to understand the serious effects that short man Syndrome can have.

short man Syndrome side effects is usually not seen and cannot be detected by women. Women have been known to interpret some of the side effects listed above as authentic and genuine.
Wife: my sister will be here and she’s bringing her boyfriend Eddie

Husband: oh ok, I’ll just remember to be patient with him because.. well.. you know

Wife: I told you before lol, short man syndrome isn’t a thing!

Husband: i don’t expect you to understand but trust me I know what I’m talking about
by ABetterProviderThanYou December 27, 2022
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A man who is below average height for his age group, and is aggressive to compensate for his shortness.
"He's so short and aggressive, probably has Short Man Syndrome."
by ijderrick November 9, 2021
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An angry male of below average height who feels it necessary to act out in an attempt to gain respect and recognition from others and compensate for his abnormally short stature. Also synonomous to little man syndrome.
he got sms
by MUSOM February 22, 2005
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Stereotypical analysis of men of shorter stature. Based on the fact that some shorter men act more aggressive to compensate for lack of height. Yet failing to realize not every short guy is like that. Some men are just aggressive whereas others need to be more assertive. (Peep this: No two people are exactly alike)
Guy:That one short guy in the group tried fighting the bouncer. No reason at all. He's got short man syndrome.

Guy2: Yeah I saw that, but that other short guy was just chill in', talking and dancing with women. He's got more confidence, doesn't seem to care about his height.
by shortymack April 11, 2014
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The phenomenon of appearing overly aggressive or assertive. This may be a reaction after repeatedly suffering height discrimnation (heightism) in the workplace, in relationships with women, or elsewhere during socialisation.
Ample examples can be found in the Usenet group
by Megabone April 28, 2004
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The obnoxious, chauvinistic, arrogant attitude often taken on my short men--seems to be an attempt to make p for their short stature.
Bill's got short man syndrome--did you see how he just talked to that employee?
by someone July 19, 2004
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A term applied to a short man whenever he is assertive or commanding. If the exact same attitude was taken by a taller man, no one would think twice.
Tall guy steps out of a new Camaro: "Hey, check out that guy with the Camaro!, that's a sweet ride, I wonder how much he makes."

Short guy steps out of a new Camaro: "Dude, look at that little man with the Camaro, Talk about compensation!"

Tall employer assigns difficult task: "My boss gives me hard jobs, but whatever, everyone has to work."

Short employer assigns difficult task: "Damn, that prick loves to lord his authority over me! He has major Short Man's Syndrome!"
by chode11 October 16, 2009
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