Men who are short, which means under the average height of around 5'10'', or approximately 178 centimeters, or 1.78m. Short men are just that: short. They are not any less of a man than Mike Tyson. Short men are found in every region and culture, and are as varried as the taller models. Penis size is not a component of height, nor is maniness. Short guys often have trouble getting girls due to the natural female desire to find a man who can protect her and provide for her and her children. However, short men are great to hug, being at perfect height to cuddle into the breasts of the average woman, and during sex, this can be used for simultaneous stimulation of the breasts and vulva.
A list of short men who kicked ass:

Mikhail Kalashnikov, J.R.R. Tolkien, the ancient Romans, Napoleon Bonaparte, James Madison, Alexander the Great, Cicero Richard Hammond, Jackie Chan, Admiral Yamamoto, Suzuhara Bokuden, Musashi, Claudius, and many others. I myself am a short guy, and i have to tell you that it sucks. I'm only 5'4''. Getting a girlfriend is nearly impossible, unfortunately. However, I have managed to score cute and novelty points. So remember my sub-pint comerades: you cram more manliness into your 5' than they do in their 6'5''. Short people rule!
by cogitator May 25, 2010
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In a deleted scene from "The Late Afternoon Show with Brando Cerrone", an extra is shown with her face cut off frame indecisively saying the sentence : "No short mens for me" for an 80's dating TV segment.
-Why did you swipe left on this guy? He's cute!
-No short mens for me
by amiracaca November 15, 2019
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