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n. - A member of the FBI or a similar plainclothes investigator for law enforcement, referring to their dress code requiring shoes to be highly polished.
Terry feared that if he kept downloading movies, the shoeshine would catch up with him.

(See also the first chapter of Tom Wolfe's "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test," titled "Black Shiny FBI Shoes," and Simon & Garfunkel's song "Keep the Customer Satisfied," whose narrator sings that he is "one step away from the shoeshine, two steps away from the county line.")
by Thus Blogged Anderson November 12, 2012
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To show out in front of other people to make yourself look superior
Person A says: I aint appreciate you slammin my door,

Person B says: Oh my fault, I was upset at cha boy,

Person A says: Don't let it happen again

Person B says ( to himself or others) Folk she just tryna shoeshine.
by S'cence 04-03-04 April 3, 2004
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An exclamatory response after one is thoroughly insulted. Can be done by the offending party, but is more effective when a third party engages in the call or yell.
Fat boy 1: I must be losing weight, I've been sweating all day!
Fat boy 2:It doesn't count if you sweat from eating!
Fat boy 3: SHOESHINE!!!
by adnan January 13, 2004
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"Rub on some shoeshine. No, not that shoeshine, asshead. Oh look, now you're cock's all black."

- Mrs Bush
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 23, 2003
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A move in four square. To simply do over hand and to hit the other person on their shoe. Therefore, you would have done a shoeshine and the other person would have been out.
kid 1: *gasp* he did a shoeshine!!
kid 2: he's out!! *pointing to the kid that got hit in the shoe*
kid 3: yayy! congratulations on you're victory of a shoeshine!!
by katrocks13 March 3, 2012
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The act of dressing up like a clown and riding a unicycle without a seat attached(anal penetration) while making balloon penises.
Eric: "How did your kids b-day party go?"
Chris: "Horrible! I didn't do a reference check on the clown I hired and the minute I turned my back he was Shoeshining in front of the kids"
Eric: "It could've been worse."
Chris:"No, after the party my wife left me for him."
by Mr.Tapout August 27, 2010
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Idiot: "I'm the best ever!!"
Everyone else: "SHOESHINE!!"
by New Den September 16, 2009
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