A school-yard game that is popular in Australia. It is similar to tennis. The court is a square divided into 4 equal sections and is usually drawn in chalk. 4 players each stand in their own square. Each square is a different ranking. The highest ranking is "King". The "King" serves the tennis ball to any of the squares. To score points, players must always bounce the ball in their square first, and then have it bounce in another player's square and either bounce out or bounce twice before they can return it to another square. The objective is to make it to King and stay there as long as possible. Variations include 2-Square, which is exactly the same rules but with 2 players instead of 4.
"Damien sucks at four square. He was pawn all recess."
by ECn4ii January 8, 2008
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Sex position involving 2 males and 2 females locked in 2 position of 69s that are linked together between all 4 participants. Makes the shape of a square.
me and andrew are about to four square the shit out of those seattle girls tonight.
by unicorn 6294 April 30, 2010
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1. relatively new church popping up all over the US. Spin on a Christian church, similar to Mormonism in their fears of something different. They honestly believe in gouls, goblins and witches; thus hate Halloween.
2. Ignorant freaks.
Shit, another four square neighbor who moved into my street. They ruin all fun holidays.
by Bud E Love May 7, 2003
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A sexual scenario in which the female participant is passed between four male participants in a similar manner to that of a ball during a four square match.
I double bounced Jenny so hard in a four square last night the three other dudes couldn't keep up.
by AJsquared July 18, 2012
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A game in which multiple people play during school times.
The aim is to make it to King and stay there as long as you can.

The squares are divided into 4 different ranks. King-Queen-Jack-Duns
Anyone else who wishes to play goes as a sub.
Simon: OMG! It's lunch, lets go play table tennis

Christian: C'mon, you should play Four Square, It's way better
by Sharkeyz June 7, 2011
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An over rated game kids play when they have nothing better to do other than play Fortnite. Normally kids between grade 5-6 kids play this game.
Dude let’s play fortnite!

I don’t have wifi, let’s play Four Square instead!
by QuiteThirsty November 7, 2018
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QFS is an adaptation of the old school playground version of childhood foursquare. Quantum Four Square is played on a square court divided into four smaller squares that meet in the center. The combination of worldwide styles in OS foursquare has led to an intense and competitive design of play using a tennis ball. QFS is gaining popularity amongst teachers and students in their classrooms. The QFS International Alliance Board of Representative Trustees is based in San Diego and run tournaments monthly.
1. Yo dawg, hows about a game of Quantum Four Square
2. Are we up for some QFS homie?
3. What you doing? I am out to play some QFS with the peeps.
by Chickae November 16, 2006
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