When the girl you are raping won't shut the fuck up.
I hate it when they put up an American Shoemaker
by Mr. Becker January 11, 2008
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Crazy ass kid in Colorado that gets shit thrown in his window well and he annually beats Brian Grogans ass.
Dude Jake shoemakers house got shit on by the 6th graders.
by Mitch reynolds September 11, 2020
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A poorly done job characterized by careless, half assed workmanship, and just downright incorrect use of materials. Commonly used in reference to plumbing work and frequently cited by professional plumbers evaluating work that has been done by somebody else.
Bill sure did a shoemaker's job when he put that hot water heater in.
by dertysanchezz December 25, 2011
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a homosexual, a male who enjoys gay sex
1: Hey man, I met this guy named Jose the other night at the game. He's pretty cool.
2: What?! Hell no man that guy is a german shoemaker.
1: Oh snap.
by RamonDelFuego October 17, 2010
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A boy who plays sports and hates soccer and doesn't judge himself
Joseph Michael Shoemaker loves Ashley
by Lady Dick September 01, 2008
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