The Shoemaker is this person in the workplace whose work ends up getting done by his line manager and/or by the firm's client. They can't sack him cos he's too cute and has been with the company from day one as well has having loads on them. People are left wondering how the work is getting magically done, and refer to those who are doing it as being elves. As in the children story " The elves and the shoemaker".
Well fuck me here comes The Shoemaker. There are no flies on him, he is meeting his targets cos those midnight elves have been on the case again. If only those elves could give me a pull out.
by Mustang01 March 02, 2017
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A Boston Shoemaker, much like the Boston Pancake or Cleveland Steamer, starts of when a man defecates on his unconscious partner's chest. He then proceeds to press his foot in it making a footprint on her chest. When his partner wakes up in the morning she will find a fossilized poopy footprint on her chest ressembling a shoe.
Hey Tade, my bitch was so hammered last night that when she passed out i gave her a Boston Shoemaker!
by Ebenezer McAwesome MacIntosh September 30, 2009
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While performing intercourse the male inserts his penis into the pussy for one stroke, then into the anus for one stroke... Repeating as necessary and increasing speed to resemble a sewing machine.
I could only satisfy that bitch with the shoemaker stitch, she won't shit right for a month!
by Randym35 April 23, 2011
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the name given to a person of extremely high standards

an all mighty diety

a being with supernatural skills
Wow did you see that shot. He nailed it right between the eyes. The brook shoemaker of hunting.
by Menyae Shoemaker March 30, 2009
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(noun or intransitive verb depending on usage) The positioning of a woman while enjoying sexual intercourse with a man. The woman sits atop her man straddling him facing towards his feet. Needless to say the man is laying on his back facing now towards her backside. Through this process she rides him with equal dexterity as though she were a thoroughbred jocky, much like the well acclaimed Willie 'The Shoe' Shoemaker
Chris: Hey Eric so how was your date last night with Jennifer?

Eric: Cool, dinner was alright..bad wine, but the night improved because Jenny did the "Willie Shoemaker!"

by Trainher May 15, 2008
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