On Craigslist, eBay, and no end of similar sites, "almost worn out."

From a CL post:

"This is the trendy term used to describe all items sold on CL. WTF? Did you never plop into bed or lay on the couch? No, of course not, this is CL where you "gently used" your shit, but it's somehow thrashed out when I come over and look at it. Oh and my personal favorite is the seller who takes the same fucking picture 15 feet away four times. No closups, no brand/model names and of course, no phone or location. The toilet paper I just flushed down the drain is gently used, but your couch and loveseat look like shit."

Only used panties, shoes, stockings, etc, are sold as "well worn," which in that case, means the original sales tags have been removed.
FOR SALE: Gently used sofa.

Less than six years old. Mustard yellow with avocado floral design. Some fabric missing from cushions (it was our kitties' favourite!). $500.
by K.M. Mennie August 28, 2006
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