Do think is like sarcasm. You don’t believe something that someone is telling you.
Ryan: Oh yeah I met Boris Johnson the other day
Jim: Oh Yeah Do Think
by Smallpp63 January 8, 2020
A phrase that simple Nailogical uses
*finishes painting nails*

"What do you think?"
by Shakuraa February 4, 2019
What are your thoughts on them?
Friend: Hey, what do you think of me?
Me: I think you’re worthless
by drakesgf April 20, 2022
an old school slang word used to disapprove the actions or suggentions or another. the dates of the actually week is the 28th of january - 4th of february.
"can i go to the city with jack daniels?"
"absoulutley not, what do you think this is bush week?
by hayden595 February 28, 2008
A term used in the jhon legend song greenlight by andre 3000, meaning who do you think i am.
Who do you think i are? the kind you find in a bar? come home with me lets blow this nigga factory.
by da fat black man October 14, 2008