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Shnook undoubtedly derives from the Yiddish "schnook" meaning an easily victimized person; i.e., "the poor schnook gave his banking information to an internet scammer." But in American usage over the years, "shnook" has come to mean a person that behaves in a mischievous or naughty way. For example, small children are "shnooks" when they misbehave. Politicians are "shnooks" when they get involved in scandals.

1. My shnook kid won't go to bed on time.
2. The shnook was cheating on his wife.
3. That no-good shnook auditor was embezzling money.
by EBKennel October 09, 2007
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1. A very annoying person/animal/thing

2. A dumb person

3. A rude person

4. Adj. shnooky - annoying, dumb, or rude
1. I can't tolerate the shnook in my math class.

2. Person1: what's the 3rd root of 125?

Person2: 25!

Person1: don't be a shnook man, it's five!

3. Person A (bumps into Person B): Sorry!

Person B: watch where you're going you blind bastard!

Person A: don't be a shnook, I apologized nicely!

4. It's absolutely shnooky when someone lets out a dhussi and doesn't apologize!!
by PandagaMuggu January 12, 2014
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The act of rubbing someones chin affectionately, because they are acting cute or are just cute in general.
I just shnooks'd billy cos he is such a cute kid
by Lil Cutie Pie January 29, 2012
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(Safe Haven Nook) A cozy place to relax and be alone.
I had a really long day, so I'm really looking forward to returning to my shnook to wrap myself in a blanket and binge watch Netflix with no end in sight.
by ruchelsworld February 10, 2015
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