NOUN: Slang A stupid or easily victimized person; a dupe.
ETYMOLOGY: Yiddish shnuk, snout, schnook, from Lithuanian snukis, mug, snout.
by James Vaughan January 5, 2004
manly, beastly, vile, disgusting, naxiouating, vulgar; ultimately kelsey hansens appearance
"Wow steves girlfriend is such a schnook!"
by Assen January 21, 2007
An unlikeable person with a very dry personality.
Henry: Wanna come inside and wash the dishes? It'll be fun!!!

John: Stupid schnook.
by TH3 84(0/V |V|4/V June 19, 2009
a pretty fly guy who's respected by all his peeps
you're a pretty schnook guy, mo'fo
by furious g April 28, 2006
A male that is a douche and has no wiener. Questionable sexuality. Overuses gay voice. Claims to like girls but secretly packs fudge. Could be used to describe a female, if applicable.
ew, what a schnook.
he's such a schnook.
that girl's a fucking schnook, dude.
by J.HERR February 14, 2007
A romantic almost lovely sexual encounter with a person you share a deep and loving bond with.
No semen necessary.

Sex allowed though only the tender kind, no whips, chains, cuffs, swearing, wax, electricity, burning, pain (unless emotional tearing of heartstrings due to love) etc.
I was schnooking the love of my life last night

Schnooking mends all the problems in the world.
by StudyGroupAlpha May 13, 2011